International Conference on Electrical, Electronics & Computer Science (ICEECS) by International Institution for Science Technology Engineering and Management (IISTEM)

Association Name: International Institution for Science Technology  Engineering and Management (IISTEM)

About Association: International Institution for Science Technology  Engineering and Management(IISTEM) is a non-profit association registered as a unit of PET with main aim of promoting the Academic research work in the field of Science, Engineering, Technology and Management. The primary thrust of the association is to promote technical analysis education to enable its members to be more effective. IISTEM provides its members with the place to share ideas, information & different research findings in a most exhilarating environment.

Event: International Conference on Electrical, Electronics & Computer Science (ICEECS), Jaipur

Event Date : 3rd June 2018

Call for Papers: Following are the topics of interest but not limited to:-
                Electronics Engineering
                • Radio Engineering
                • Telecommunications
                • Control Systems
                • Signal Processing
                • Systems Engineering
                • Control engineering
                • Microelectronics
                • Signal processing
                • Telecommunications engineering
                • Instrumentation engineering
                • Signals and systems
                • Control System
                • Pda
                • Digital & Analog  Communication
                • Digital & Analog  Circuits and Application
                • Nano Technology
                • Digital Synchronous Machines
                • Timers, Microwave and Radar Technology
                • Optoelectronic Circuits
                • Semiconductor Devices
                • VLSI
                • Digital Signal and Image Processing etc
                Electrical engineering
                • Transmission lines
                • Microwave theory and application
                • Automation, control and instrumentation
                • Power Electronics
                • Wind Power Generation
                • Power management system
                • Electrical and electronic materials
                • Electrical conductivity
                • optical fibres – principles and applications
                • Network & coupled circuits
                • Self-tuning regulators
                • power station
                Computer Science 
                • (a) Computer System Structure 
                • Network computing and cloud computing
                • Simulation of computing systems
                • Network storage
                • Network data security and service
                • Parallel the I/O
                • EIS network technology and software technology comprehensive application
                • The embedded system and application
                • Computer storage technology
                • Sensors/actuators network
                • Wireless Ad hoc Networks
                • The parallel distributed computing
                • Intelligent control
                • New storage technology
                • Network storage system
                • Mass network storage system, parallel storage system
                • Multimedia data processing and communication
                • Multimedia system technology, computer interface technology
                • Computer equipment evaluation techniques and instruments
                • Computer simulation technology
                • (b) Computer Software and Theory
                • Modern database theory and implementation techniques
                • Computing intelligence, large-scale combinatorial optimization problem of high performance algorithm design and analysis
                • Solving NP-Hard combinatorial optimization
                • Software optimization and reuse
                • Intelligent expert system
                • Multimedia and artificial intelligence theory and implementation techniques
                • The initiative, real-time, mobile database theory and integration technology
                • Software Engineering Management
                • (c) Computer Application Technology
                • WEB information management
                • Information retrieval, social networks
                • Biomedical Image information Processing
                • Combinatorial optimization algorithm for high-performance
                • Mathematics media processing and retrieval
                • Multi-core computing and streaming compiler
                • Network and high-performance computing, image and image processing
                • Multimedia technology, network security and application
                • Computer networks and applications
                • Computer control and interface
                • Software engineering, intelligent decision support system
                • WEB Data Management
                • Information Security
                • Computer software
                • Computer Applications
                • Computer system structure
                • Multimedia technology
                • The new computer technology
                • (d) Safety Information
                • Information security support technology
                • Network security theory and technology
                • Information against theory and technology
                • TrustedComputing
                • Information security applications and methods
                • Loophole control and analysis
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                • Submission Deadline 18th May 2018
                • Registration Deadline 22nd May 2018
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