International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and Information Technology (ICEECSIT)

Association Name: The Advanced Research Society for Science and Sociology (ARSSS)

About Association: The Advanced Research Society for Science and Sociology (ARSSS) is an academic association for scholars interested in the advance research in Science, Engineering , Technology and Sociology .It holds a registered “Non Profit “ statues and a unit of PET. It is an international, member-based support network promoting critical and scholarly Internet research, independent from traditional disciplines and existing across academic borders. The Association maintains an active membership of more than 4,500 individuals in 85 countries, approximately two-thirds of whom are academic scholars, professors, and graduate students. Other members are in government, the media, communication technology, business law, medicine and other professions

Event: International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and Information Technology (ICEECSIT), Bangalore

Event Date : 27th May 2018

Call for Papers: Following are the topics of interest but not limited to:-
    Computer Science and Engineering:
    • Computer Networks.
    •  Data Communications.
    •  Data Encryption.
    •  Data Mining.
    •  Database Systems.
    •  Programming Languages.
    •  CAD-CAM.
    •  Software Engineering.
    •  Computer Animation.
    •  Artificial intelligence.
    •  GUI, Distributed and Parallel Processing.
    •  Operating Systems.
    •  Internet and Web Applications.
    •  Mobile Computing.
    •  Security and Cryptography.
    •  Pattern Recognition.
    •  Neural Networks.
    •  Parallel and Distributed Computing, Etc.
    •  Architectural interaction.
    •  Big data infrastructure
    •  Cloud computing
    •  Data canter networking.
    •  Nano electronics and microelectronics
    Electronics and Communication:
    • Nanoelectronics and microelectronics
    •  Power and Applied electronics
    •  Microprocessor and Microcontroller
    •  Very Large Scale Integration(VLSI)
    •  Micro scale fabrication
    •  Electrical Machines and Drive Systems
    •  Electric Vehicle Technologies
    •  Electrotechnologies
    •  High Voltage and Insulation Technologys
    •  Power Electronics and Drive Systems
    •  Power Quality and Electromagnetic
    •  Compatibility
    •  Power System Reliability and Security
    •  Power Systems Communication
    •  Semiconductor Technology
    •  Signal and Image Processing
    •  Transmission of Numerical Images
    •  Embedded System Security
    •  Intelligent Control
    •  FPGA in outer space
    •  Nuclear Microbatteries
    •  Nanotechnology
    •  Nanomachines
    •  Humanoid Robots
    Electrical and Electronics:
    • Instrumentation
    • Electric Power Generation
    • Electronic Materials
    • Electromagnetic Transients Programs
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Microprocessor based Technologies
    • Digital Communication
    • Digital Security
    • Magnetic Theory
    • Micro Machines
    • Economic aspects of power quality and cost of supply
    • Sensibility of loads and other electrical equipment to power quality characteristics
    • Influences of disturbing loads on supply networks and other electrical devices
    • Electrical and exploitative characteristics of loads and electrical power converters
    • Reliability and continuity of supply.
    • Power quality in grids with distributed generation and renewable energies
    • Harmonics
    • Energy efficiency in industry
    • Education and power quality
    • Electrical Materials and Process
    • Semiconductor Technology
    • High Voltage Engineering and Insulation Technology
    • Electronic Materials
    • Education and Training for Electrical Engineers
    • Power System Planning and Scheduling
    • Power System Protection, Operation and Control
    • Transmission & Distribution Systems and Apparatus HVDC and FACTS
    • Electromagnetic Transients Programs (EMTP)
    • Wind, Solar and Renewable Energy
    • Control Theory and Application
    • Electrical Machines
    • Electric Drivers and Application
    • Electrical Traction Systems and Control
    • Electromagnetic and Applied Superconductivity
    • Industrial Process Control and Automation
    • Inverter and Converter Technology
    • MEMS-Related Technology
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    Important Dates: .
    • Paper submissions 9th May 2018
    • Notification of acceptance 11th May 2018
    • Final paper submission and authors' registration 15th May 2018
    • Conference Dates 27th May 2018
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    How to Apply: Email the filled registration form (.doc/.docx format) + final paper/poster/abstract (.doc/.docx format) that you would like to publish in the conference proceedings to email id: only.

    # 139, Subedar Chatram Road, Swastik Circle,
    Sheshadripuram, Bangalore 560 020

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