International Conference on New Trends in Engineering & Technology at GRT Institute of Engineering and Technology

College NameGRT Institute of Engineering and Technology

About College: GRT Institute of Engineering and Technology has become the crown jewel in the field of technical education since its inception. The institution was promoted by SRDR Trust in the year 2008 and is governed by visionary extraordinaire philanthropist Shri. G. Rajendran, whose contribution to the Indian Jewel Industry and Tourism and Hotel Industry remains outstanding.

Event: International Conference on New Trends in Engineering & Technology

Event Date : 7th-8th September 2018

Call for Paper: 
Automobile Technology
  • Active Electrically Controlled Suspension
  • Adaptive Cruise control Plus (ACC+)
  • Air Cushion Vehicles (ACV)
  • Automobile Pollution
  • Automobile Technologies
  • Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI) Engines
  • Drive-By Wire Systems
  • Syntronic Brake Systems
  • Tiptronic Gearbox
  • Twin spark Technology
Communication Engineering
  • Adaptive Signal Processing
  • Alternating Minimization
  • Analog and Digital Communications
  • Antennas and Wave Propagation
  • Bluetooth, Cellular and Mobile Communications
  • Coding and Modulation
  • Computer Vision & Data Clustering
  • Design of Pulse Oximetry Monitor System
  • Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Digital Conversions
  • Dynamic Faceplate Recognizing System
  • Electromagnetic Theory and Transmission Lines
  • Fiber and Optical Communication
  • Information-Theoretic Analysis
  • Intelligent Agent System
  • Machine to Machine Communication
  • MEMS
  • OFDM-MIMO Systems and Channel Design
  • Optical Communication
  • Probability and Stochastic Processes
  • Radio Communication
  • Signal Processing and Image Processing
  • Speech Processing & Statistical Signal Processing
  • Voice Recognition System
  • Wireless Networks and Wireless Sensor Networks
Computer Science & Engineering
  • Advanced and next-generation networking technologies
  • Architecture, compilers, hardware, tools
  • Autonomic computing; data management/distributed data systems
  • Big data infrastructure, storage and computation management
  • Cluster, grid, peer-to-peer, GPU, multicore and cloud computing
  • Compilers and Interpreters
  • Complex computing system infrastructure management, cyber security
  • Computational linguistics, digital speech
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Control of industrial processes, ERP/CRM/SCM
  • Data mining/warehousing
  • Data Structures and Algorithm
  • DBMS
  • Distributed/cooperative media
  • Energy efficient computing infrastructure
  • Hardware/software support
  • Human-computer intelligent interaction, AI
  • Information theory/coding
  • Information/IT/network security, standards, applications
  • Interactive communication media/content
  • Internet/web based systems/products
  • Large-scale workflow management
  • Microprocessor interfacing, hardware design
  • Network planning, design, administration
  • Operating Systems
  • Operation system support, I/O, memory issues
  • Parallelisation, scheduling, load balancing
  • Problem solving, performance modelling/evaluation
  • Programing Language and Soft Engineering
  • Programming environments, languages, algorithms
  • Sensor/ad hoc networks
  • Signal representation/processing, image processing
  • Social interaction, mobile communications
  • Software Engineering & CASE
  • Theoretical Computer Science
  • Ubiquitous Intelligence and Smart World
  • Virtual reality, cyber law, e-governance
  • Virtualisation technologies
  • Web and service computing, social computing, Internet of Things
Computing Techniques
  • Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
  • Cloud Computing
  • Evolutionary Algorithms and Computation
  • Hybrid Models and Fuzzy Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Meta Heuristics and Swarm Intelligence
  • Multi-Model Problems and Spatial Distribution
  • Neuro Fuzzy System
  • Non-Linear Separation
  • Optimization Methods and Solutions
  • Self Organizing Maps
  • Soft Computing and Decision Support Systems
  • Soft Computing Applications in Actuarial Science
  • Soft Computing for Database Deadlock Resolution
  • Soft Computing Methods in Engineering
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Swarm Intelligence
Electrical Engineering
  • Advanced power semiconductor devices
  • Control Applications
  • Drives
  • Electrical Machinery and Electrical Apparatus
  • Electrical Machines
  • Electrical Materials Electromagnetics
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Electrotechnologies
  • High Voltage and Insulation Technology
  • HVDC
  • Modelling, simulation, analysis, design and implementations of the application of power circuit components (power semiconductors, inductors, high frequency transformers, capacitors)
  • Power Electronics
  • Power Systems
  • Power
Electronics Engineering
  • Advanced Adaptive Signal Processing
  • Application-specific
  • Attacks, security mechanisms/services, authentication/authorisation, access control
  • Case studies and applications
  • Cellular networks, wireless LANs, PANs, MANs, sensor/ad hoc networks
  • Cognitive System Research
  • Cyber-physical systems (CPSs)
  • Distributed and cooperative control systems
  • Domain name service, communications, distributed systems
  • Electro Magnetism
  • Embedded hardware
  • Embedded software
  • Embedded System
  • Embedded system architecture
  • Firewalls, privacy protection, security specification, encryption/decryption
  • Formal analyses, group communications, intrusion detection, anonymity
  • Fraudulent usage, prevention of traffic analysis, denial of service
  • Image Processing & Understanding
  • Informatics in control and communication
  • Information-based control systems
  • Innovative Networking Technologies
  • Instrumentation
  • Internet/WWW, high-speed/P2P networks, VoIP, e-mail
  • Key management, trust establishment, malicious parties' revocation, security policies
  • Micro Controllers
  • Mobile IP, IP and satellite networks, wireless internet/communications
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Multicast security, data confidentiality/integrity, on-repudiation
  • Multimedia Communications
  • Network Analysis
  • Network control (admission/flow/congestion control, etc.)
  • Network forensics, design/analysis of security protocols, security standards
  • Network scheduling and bandwidth allocation
  • Network Security
  • Networked control systems (NCS)
  • Optical Communications
  • Optical systems/networks, integrated/content-delivery networks
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Performance evaluation, performance/security tradeoff analysis
  • PHY/MAC/routing protocols, dependability/reliability, secure location determination
  • Radar and Microwaves
  • Semi Conductors
  • Sensor and actuator networks
  • Statistic Learning & Pattern Recognition
  • Telecommunication Services and Applications
  • Transforms
  • Wavelet Transforms
  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Wired/wireless integrated networks
  • Signal
Information Technology
  • A Framework for Engineering Trustworthy and Reliable Systems
  • A Framework for Systemic Privacy Protection
  • Agents and Data Mining
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Networking
  • Data Mining
  • Information and Communication Systems
  • IT Revolutions
  • Scientific Visualization
Instrumentation Engineering
  • 3-D Assembly of Magnetic and Nanoparticles
  • 80 Core Processor
  • Advances in Photovoltaic Technology
  • Code Division Duplexing
  • Ditgital Steganography
  • Mobile Radio Networks
  • Nanotechnological Proposal of RBC
  • Plasma Dynamics
  • Radio Frequency Light Sources
  • Relaibility in Instrumentation
  • Space Robotics
Mechanical Engineering
  • Architecture & Design
  • Acoustics and Noise Control
  • Advanced and Digital Manufacturing
  • Alternative source systems of in-vehicle electricity production
  • Automation, Mechatronics and Robotics
  • Automotive Systems
  • Braking systems for electrical propulsion and traction systems
  • Controls
  • Dedicated security and safety systems
  • Design
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Dynamics and Vibration
  • Electric car, bus and truck systems
  • Electrical machines for automotive propulsion and traction
  • Electromagnetic compatibility issues for EHV
  • Electronic architectures and dedicated automotive components
  • Electronics for electrical machine/hybrid engine control systems (hard and soft)
  • Environmental/cost efficiency, energy savings algorithms
  • High power/energy batteries, battery/energy management and charging systems
  • Hydrogen fuel cells
  • Nano Machines
  • Safety and Security in Automobile
  • Serial/parallel/light hybrid electrical systems for cars/buses/trucks
  • Social, economic and environmental issues associated with EHV
  • Specific electrical air conditioning and heating systems for electric vehicles
  • Virtual Manufacturing
  • "Zero emission" range extension solutions
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Important Dates: 
  • Last Date of Paper Submission is Extended to: 15th May 2018
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