International Conference on Recent Innovations in Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

College NameKalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Bhubaneswar

About College: KIIT was established in 1992 as a vocational training centre with only two staff and 12 students. However, it took shape as an institution only in 1997, when degree engineering programme commenced. KIIT owes its existence to the vision of its founder Prof. Achyuta Samanta who, with no land, limited finances (only Rs. 5000/-) and little knowledge of higher education to create an institution for the benefit of the society. From these small beginnings, KIIT has developed into a leading university with a strong interdisciplinary culture and a commitment to teaching excellence.

Event: International Conference on Recent Innovations in Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering - (ICRIEECE)

Event Date : 27th - 28th July 2018

Call for Paper: 
    • Electrical Machinery and Electrical Apparatus
    • Electrical Machines
    • Electrical Materials Electromagnetic
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility
    • High Voltage and Insulation Technology
    • Electro Technologies
    • Power Systems
    • Power Electronics
    • Drives
    • HVDC
    • Control Applications
    • Advanced Power Semiconductor Devices
    • Modeling, Simulation, Analysis, Design and Implementations of the Application of Power Circuit Components (Power Semiconductors, Inductors, high Frequency Transformers, Capacitors)
    • Advanced Adaptive Signal Processing
    • Embedded System
    • Image Processing & Understanding
    • Innovative Networking Technologies
    • Multimedia Communications
    • Network Security
    • Optical Communications
    • Parallel and Distributed Computing
    • Statistic Learning & Pattern Recognition
    • Telecommunication Services and Applications
    • Cognitive System Research
    • Electro Magnetism
    • Semi Conductors
    • Micro Controllers
    • Transforms
    • Instrumentation
    • Network Analysis
    • Wavelet Transforms
    • Radar and Microwaves
    • Information-based Control Systems
    • Distributed and Cooperative Control Systems
    • Networked Control Systems (NCS)
    • Wired and Wireless Networks
    • Network Control (Admission/Flow/Congestion Control, etc.)
    • Network Scheduling and Bandwidth Allocation
    • Informatics in Control and Communication
    • Cyber-physical Systems (CPSs)
    • Sensor and actuator networks
    • Multi-agent Systems
    • Case Studies and Applications
    • Cellular Networks, Wireless LANs, PANs, MANs, Sensor/ad hoc Networks
    • Mobile IP, IP and Satellite Networks, Wireless Internet/Communications
    • Wired/Wireless Integrated Networks
    • Internet/WWW, High-speed/P2P Networks, VoIP, e-mail
    • Optical Systems/Networks, Integrated/Content-delivery Networks
    • Domain Name Service, Communications, Distributed Systems Attacks, Security Mechanisms/Services, Authentication/Authorisation, Access Control
    • Multicast Security, Data Confidentiality/Integrity, on-repudiation
    • Firewalls, Privacy Protection, Security Specification, Encryption/Decryption
    • Formal Analyses, Group Communications, Intrusion Detection, Anonymity
    • Key Management, Trust Establishment, Malicious Parties' Revocation, Security Policies
    • Fraudulent usage, Prevention of Traffic Analysis, Denial of Service
    • PHY/MAC/Routing Protocols, Dependability/Reliability, Secure
    • Location Determination
    • Performance Evaluation, Performance/Security Tradeoff Analysis
    • Network Forensics, Design/Analysis of Security Protocols, Security Standards
    • Embedded System Architecture
    • Embedded Software
    • Embedded Hardware
    • Application-specific
    • Adaptive Signal Processing
    • Alternating Minimization
    • Analog and Digital Communications
    • Antennas and Wave Propagation
    • Bluetooth, Cellular and Mobile Communications
    • Coding and Modulation
    • Computer Vision & Data Clustering
    • Design of Pulse Oximetry Monitor System
    • Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Digital Conversions
    • Dynamic Faceplate Recognizing System
    • Electromagnetic Theory and Transmission Lines
    • Fiber and Optical Communication
    • Information-Theoretic Analysis
    • Intelligent Agent System
    • Machine to Machine Communication
    • MEMS
    • OFDM-MIMO Systems and Channel Design
    • Optical Communication
    • Probability and Stochastic Processes
    • Radio Communication
    • Signal Processing and Image Processing
    • Speech Processing & Statistical Signal Processing
    • Voice Recognition System
    • WAN/LAN
    • Wireless Networks and Wireless Sensor Networks
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    Important Dates: 
    • Last Date for Paper Submission: 10th May 2018
    • Notification of Acceptance: 15th May 2018
    • Last Date for Registration: 30th June 2018
    • Conference Dates: 27th & 28th July 2018
    Registration Fees:

    School of Electrical Engineering,
    Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), 

    Contact Details:
    Dr. Bhagabata Panda(Associate Professor), School of Electrical Engineering, 
    KIIT (Deemed to be University)
    Phone: Primary Contact: +91-7337208774 
      Alternative Number: +91-9437143678

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