International Short Course on Pavement Geotechnics with Geosynthetics at Vellore Institute of Technology

College NameVellore Institute of Technology, Vellore

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Event: International Short Course on Pavement Geotechnics with Geosynthetics

Event Date : 14th July 2018

Organised by:  Department of Structural & Geotechnical Engg. and School of Civil & Chemical Engineering

Topics to be Covered: 
  • Description of geosynthetics and their basic functions
  • Properties of geosynthetics, its evaluation and selection
  • Use of geosynthetics in construction and maintenance of unpaved roads
  • Use of geosynthetics in construction and maintenance of paved roads
  • General application guidelines for road construction and maintenance
  • Installation survivability requirements
  • Case studies
    Maximum No. of Participants : 100

    Registration Fees:
    • Participants from Industries - Rs. 2000/-
    • Participants from academic/Research
    • Institutions - Rs. 1000/-
    • Students/Research scholars - Rs. 500/-
    Registration Last Date: 10th July 2018

    Registration Link: Clickhere

    Vellore Institute of Technology, 
    Tamil Nadu

    Contact Details:
    Dr. M. Muthukumar
    Associate Professor & Secretary IGS – Vellore Chapter
    Department of Structural & Geotechnical Engineering
    Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
    Tamil Nadu, India
    Mobile: 9003495295

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