International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Science at Mahindra Ecole Centrale College of Engineering

College Name: Mahindra Ecole Centrale College of Engineering

About College: MEC signifies the Rise of the New Engineer. A new paradigm made possible by a historic collaboration involving the Mahindra Group, École Central Paris (now CentraleSupélec) and Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad (JNTUH).

Event:   International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Science

Event Date : 21st-22nd December 2018

Call for Paper:
    Machine Learning
      Model Selection
      • Learning using Ensemble and boosting strategies
      • Active Machine Learning
      • Manifold Learning
      • Fuzzy Learning
      • Kernel Based Learning
      • Genetic Learning
      • Hybrid models
      Evolutionary Parameter Estimation
      • Fuzzy approaches to parameter estimation
      • Genetic optimization
      • Bayesian estimation approaches
      • Boosting approaches to Transfer learning
      • Heterogeneous information networks
      • Recurrent Neural Networks
      • Influence Maximization
      • Co-evolution of time sequences
      Graphs and Social Networks
      • Social group evolution – dynamic modelling
      • Adaptive and dynamic shrinking
      • Pattern summarization
      • Graph embeddings
      • Graph mining methods
      • Structure preserving embedding
      Non-parametric models for sparse networks
      • Forecasting
      • Nested Multi-instance learning
      Large scale machine learning
      • Large scale item categorization
      • Machine learning over the Cloud
      • Anomaly detection in streaming heterogeneous datasets
      • Signal analysis 
      Learning Paradigms
      • Clustering, Classification and regression methods
      • Supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised learning
      • Algebra, calculus, matrix and tensor methods in context of machine learning
      • Reinforcement Learning
      • Optimization methods
      • Parallel and distributed learning
      Deep Learning 
      • Inference dependencies on multi-layered networks
      • Recurrent Neural Networks and its applications
      • Tensor Learning
      • Higher-order tensors
      • Graph wavelets
      • Spectral graph theory
      • Self-organizing networks 
      • Multi-scale learning
      • Unsupervised feature learning 
      Recommender Systems
      • Automated response
      • Conversational Recommender systems
      • Collaborative deep learning
      • Trust aware collaborative learning
      • Cold-start recommendation systems
      • Multi-contextual behaviours of users
      • Bioinformatics and biomedical informatics
      • Healthcare and clinical decision support
      • Collaborative filtering
      • Computer vision
      • Human activity recognition
      • Information retrieval
      • Cybersecurity
      • Natural language processing
      • Web search
      Evaluation of Learning Systems
      • Computational learning theory
      • Experimental evaluation
      • Knowledge refinement and feedback control
      • Scalability analysis
      • Statistical learning theory
      • Computational metrics
      Data Science
      • Algorithms
      • Novel Theoretical Modelsp
      • Novel Computational Models
      • Data and Information Quality
      • Data Integration and Fusion
      • Cloud/Grid/Stream Computing
      • High Performance/Parallel Computing
      • Energy-efficient Computing
      • Software Systems
      • Search and Mining
      • Data Acquisition, Integration, Cleaning
      • Data Visualizations
      • Semantic-based Data Mining
      • Data Wrangling, Data Cleaning, Data Curation, Data Munching
      • Data Analysis, , Statistical Insights
      • Decision making from insights, Hidden patterns
      • Data Science technologies, tools, frameworks, platforms and APIs
      • Link and Graph Mining
      • Efficiency, scalability, security, privacy and complexity issues in Data Science
      • Labelling, Collecting, Surveying, Interviewing and other tools for Data Collection
      • Applications in Mobility, Multimedia, Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine, Healthcare, Finance, Business, Law, Transportation, Retailing, Telecommunication
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      Important Dates :
      • Last Date to Submit the Paper : 31st August 2018
      • Notification of Review Outcomes: 5th October 2018
      • Submission of Camera Ready Paper, Copyright Form and Author Registration: 2nd November 2018
      • Registration Deadline for Delegates : 30th November 2018
      Dr. Prafulla Kalapatapu
      Computer Science and Engineering
      School of Engineering Sciences
      Mahindra École Centrale
      Hyderabad – 500043, Telangana

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