International Conference on Advances in Renewable Energy and Green Technology at Vellore Institute of Technology

College NameVellore Institute of Technology

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Event Name: International Conference on Advances in Renewable Energy and Green Technology

Event Date : 18th-20th December 2019

Organized by: CO2 Research and Green Technologies Centre

    Solar Energy:
    • Upcoming high efficient technologies and materials
    • Cost efficient Designs, best O & M techniques, case studies
    • Degradation monitoring techniques and mitigation methodology, Retrofit of obsolete components
    • Ensuring life & yield and leveraging land area for other uses, case studies.
    • Recycling defective modules, other equipment - Cost & methodology.
    • Energy forecasting – effective methodologies. Impediments to power evacuation and mitigation methods – case studies.
    • Solar Towers
    • Combination of Triple Junction Solar cells & Solar thermal.
    • Challenges and opportunities for solar thermal in India.
    Wind Energy:
    • Wind assessment and forecasting models
    • Emerging high efficient technologies and materials
    • Off shore design and challenges
    • Degradation monitoring techniques and mitigation methodology.
    • Retrofit & refurbishment of old WTG sites / components, possible standardisation of Balance of Plants (BoP).
    • O & M techniques, case studies
    • Leveraging land area for other uses like solar & biomass with case studies
    Hydel power:
    • hydro as a DDG solution [including case studies, O & M practices]
    • Pumped storage units – Renewable resources combo, to strengthen the grid, reduce fossil fuel plants.
    • Ocean-based forms of distributed generation, tidal power.
    Bioenergy :
    • Biomass resources
    • Biomass conversion technologies for heating, cooling and electricity
    • Biomass sustainability, impacts and policies
    • Bioenergy integration in energy systems
    • Conversion of waste to energy
    • Second generation biofuels
    CO2 Technologies:
    • CO2 Sequestration techniques
    • Design and development of SCO2 Brayton cycle power plants, transcritical CO2 refrigerators
    • S-CO2 Extraction
    • CO2 Value added products 
    Registration Fees:
    • Faculty and Industrial Participants Rs. 5000/-
    • Ph. D. (Full time) / P.G. /U.G. students Rs. 4000/-
    • Accompanying person/co-author Rs. 3000/-
    Important Dates: 
    • Last date for submission of extended abstract 2/01/2019
    • Last date for submission of full length paper 15/02/2019
    • Last date for submission of camera ready paper 25/02/2019
    • Registration closing date 15/03/2019
    Vellore Institute of Technology
    Near Katpadi Road, Vellore, 
    Tamil Nadu 632014

    Contact Details:
    Dr. S. Murugavelh, CO2 RGTC.
    Phone: 09445209683

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