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ICICV 2021


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Recent Emerging Trends in Wireless Communication using IoT 2020


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CSE ECE IT EEE Mechanical Civil Energy Metallurgy Industrial Physics Aeronautical Aerospace Material Automobile Design PolyTechnic

3D Printing and Topology Optimization 2020


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Aspects and Machine Learning Applications in Smart Grid 2020


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International Conference on Innovative Trends in Science and Technology ICITST 2018 at Sarabhai Institute of Science and Technology

College Name: Sarabhai Institute of Science and Technology

About College: Named after the pioneer of Space Science & technology in India, this institute was set up to fulfill a dream of the great visionary, Dr.Vikram. A.Sarabhai to mould high quality experts in frontier engineering disciplines. The High-tech engineering college named “SARABHAI INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY” is a self- financing institution established by the Space Engineers Welfare Society (SEWELS) with the approval from the Government of Kerala.

Event: International Conference on Innovative Trends in Science and Technology ICITST 2018

Event Date : 27th November 2018

Organized by:   Techown

Call for Paper:
    Track 1 – Mechanical , Industrial , Manufacturing and Production Engineering 
    • Operations Research 
    • Production and Operations Management
    • Quality Control and Management 
    • Maintenance Engineering
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Materials Processing
    • Mechanical Design and Dynamics of Mechanism
    • Fluid Mechanics, Combustion and Engineering Physics
    • Heat and Mass Transfer
    • Vibration Measuring and Reliability Analysis
    • Finite Element Analysis for Mechanical Engineering
    • Mechatronics Design Control Systems
    • Instrumentation and Control Engineering
    • Sensors and Applications
    • Systems Modeling and Simulation
    • Automation and Robotics
    • Machine Tools and Manufacturing Processes
    • Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
    • System Analysis and Industrial Engineering
    • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Optimization and Control
    • Mechanical Control and Information Processing Technology
    Track 2 –Metallurgical, Materials and Foundry Engineering
    • Smart Materials
    • Mineral Benefaction
    • Heat Treatment
    • Solidification process
    • Materials Characterization
    • Foundry Technology
    • Production of steel and Iron
    • Mechanical Working of Metal and alloys
    • Advance Materials
    • Materials Degradation
    • Corrosion Engineering
    • Nanotechnology and Materials
    • Semi-conductor Materials
    • Magnetic Materials
    • Electronic Materials
    • Microelectronic Materials
    • New Functional materials
    • Smart/Intelligent Materials/Intelligent Systems
    • Biological medical materials
    • Tooling Testing and Evaluation of Materials
    • Modeling and simulation of materials and devices
    • Quantum modulation based on superconductors, semiconductor and magnets
    • Advanced Steels
    • Advanced High Temperature Structural Materials
    • Thin Films and Surface Engineering
    • Light Metals and Alloys
    • Composites and Hybrid Materials
    • Advanced Ceramic and Glass Materials
    • Disordered and amorphous materials
    • Green Building Materials
    • Light emitting material
    • Energy Materials
    • Strength of Materials
    • Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
    • Materials and engineered structures for light control
    Track 3 – Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology
    • Affective Computing
    • Ambient Computing
    • Artificial Neural Network
    • Behavior Analytics
    • Big Data
    • Internet of Things
    • Business Intelligence
    • Swarm Intelligence and Particle Swarm Optimization
    • Collaborative Computing, Community Analysis
    • Context-Aware Applications
    • Decision Support
    • Evolutionary Computation
    • Feature Selection
    • Fuzzy Systems, Fuzzy System and Rough Set
    • Geographic and Spatial Data Mining
    • Human-Computer Interface
    • Hybrid Systems
    • Image Processing
    • Information Diffusion
    • Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Transfer
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Optimization, Recommender Systems
    • Semantic Mining, Social Network Mining, Text Mining, Web Mining, Data Mining and Topology Evolution
    • Ad Hoc Networks
    • Amorphous Computing
    • Aspects of User Modeling and User Behavior prediction
    • Cloud & Grid Computing
    • Context and Location Aware Applications
    • Content Delivery
    • Cyber-Physical System
    • Decentralized Resource Management (especially search and routing)
    • Epidemic Algorithms
    • Game-Theoretic Approaches for Network Optimization (NCG)
    • Internet of Things
    • P2P Networks and Protocols, Real Time Streaming Networks
    • Self-Organization and Emergence in Computer Networks
    • Sensor Networks, Security & Forensic, Wired and Wireless Network
    Track 4 – Telecommunications, Instrumentation and Control, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    • Telecommunications and Information Systems
    • Communication Network and System
    • Antenna and Wave Propagation
    • Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems
    • Software Tools and Applications
    • Internet of Things and Embedded Systems
    • Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing
    • Internet Architecture and Applications
    • Human Computer Interaction and Virtual Reality
    • Data Mining and Database Systems
    • Power System Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Renewable Energy Technology
    • Control Engineering and Instrumentation
    • Instrumental and Control Applications
    • Electronics Devices / Design and System
    • Bio-Medical Engineering
    • Image Processing
    • Signal Processing
      Track 5 – Civil Engineering, Structural, Transportation Engineering and Agricultural Science
      • Civil and Structural Engineering
      • Bridge Engineering
      • Building Structure and Bridge Engineering
      • Building Technology
      • Cartography and Geographic Information System
      • Coastal Engineering
      • Computational Mechanics
      • Computer Simulation and CAD/CAE
      • Concrete Structures
      • Construction and Control
      • Detection and Transformation
      • Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
      • Engineering Management
      • Environment-Friendly Construction and Development
      • Geological Engineering
      • Geotechnical Engineering
      • Harbor Engineering
      • Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Works
      • Hydraulic Engineering
      • Material Quality and Control
      • Metallic Structures
      • Monitoring and Control Of Structures
      • Operation and Maintenance
      • Project Management
      • Reliability and Durability of Structures
      • Road, Bridge and Railway Engineering
      • Safety and Monitoring
      • Sanitary and Ground Water Engineering
      • Seismic Engineering
      • Structural Analysis and Design
      • Structural Engineering and Disaster Reduction
      • Structural Rehabilitation, Retrofitting and Strengthening
      • Surveying and Geo-informatics
      • Surveying and Photogrammetry
      • Surveying Engineering
      • Transportation Engineering
      • Tunnel, Subway and Underground Facilities
      • Urban Planning
      • Civil and Environmental Engineering
      • Applied Computer for Civil and Environmental Engineering
      • Construction Engineering and Management
      • Geographical Information Systems
      • Geotechnical Analysis and Design
      • Infrastructure Life-Cycle Management
      • Agricultural Machinery
      • Soil and Water Engineering
      • Agricultural Process Engineering
      • Agricultural Environmental Engineering
      • Precision Agriculture and Smart Farm Technology
      • Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology
      • Chemical Process Design, Simulation and Control
      • Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
      • Separation and Purification Technology
      • Environmental, Safety, Health and Risk Management
      Track 6 – Basic Sciences and Biotechnology
      • Food Engineering
      • Food Process Engineering
      • Food Biotechnology
      • Post-Harvest Technology
      • Food Science and Technology
      • Applied Physics
      • Applied Chemistry
      • Organic Chemistry
      • Inorganic Chemistry
      • Biotechnology
        Track 7 – Management and Economics
        • Organizations and Technology Management
        • Production and Operations Management
        • Project and Quality Management
        • Purchasing and Supply Management
        • Decision and Risk Analysis
        • Contract Management
        • Knowledge Management
        • R&D strategies
        • HR Management
        • Economic Growth and Job Creation
        • Business Dynamics
        • Owner and Business Characteristics
        • Innovation
        • Regulatory and Tax Environment
        • Financing and Access to Capital
        • Geographic Considerations/Regional Clusters
        • Globalization and Trade
        • Emerging Economies and Economic Development
        • Evidence-Based Policy Analysis
        • Data and Research Gaps
        • Banking
        • Investment
        • Accounting
        • Finance Engineering
        • Stock Market
        • Insurance
        • Finance Management
        • Risk Management
                                  Paper Submission: Clickhere

                                  Registration Fee:

                                  Important Date:
                                  • 15th November 2018 Paper Submission Deadline
                                  • 17th November 2018 Paper Acceptance
                                  • 20th November 2018 Deadline for Registration
                                  Contact Details:
                                  Conference Coordinator : (+91) 90922 33877
                                  Email :-

                                  Sarabhai Institute of Science and Technology ,
                                  # P B No: 2,Uriyacode,Vellanad, 
                                  Trivandrum - 695543, Kerala, 

                                  College Website:

                                  Event Website: Clickhere

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