International Conference On Vision Towards Emerging Trends In Communication And Networking 2019 at Vellore Institute of Technology

College NameVellore Institute of Technology

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Event Name: International Conference On Vision Towards Emerging Trends In Communication And Networking 2019

Event Date : 30th-31st March 2019

Organized by: Dept of Electronics and Communication Engineering

    • Communication Circuits
    • RF, Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits
    • Optoelectronic Circuits
    • Control Systems
    • VLSI/Embedded Systems
    • DSP Algorithms & Architectures
    • Logic Synthesis and Physical Design
    • Instrumentation engineering / Biomedical instrumentation
    • Medical Electronics
    • Microelectronics
    • MEMS and Sensors Design
    • Low Power CMOS Design
    • System-on-Chip
    • Network-on-Chip
    • Electronic System Level Design
    • Device Simulation and Modeling
    • Testing and Reliability
    • Opto-Electronic Structures
    • Nano-technology
    • Photonic Devices
    • Nano-electronics
    • Nano-photonics
    • Optical Communication
    • Satellite Communication
    • Microwave Communication
    • iMillimeter wave communication
    • Molecular Communication
    • Green Communication and Networking
    • Ultra Wide Band Communication
    • Grid and Cluster Computing
    • Wireless Sensor Networks / IoT / Big Data
    • Wireless Networks (4G/5G)
    • Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
    • Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
    • Secure communications
    • Wireless Networks
    • Spectrum Management
    • Cognitive Radio Design
    • MIMO systems
    • Smart Grid Communication
    • Scientific Computing
    • High throughput Computing
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Automated Software Engineering
    • Bioinformatics
    • Computer Architecture / Graphics
    • Network Security
    • Distributed Systems
    • Expert Systems
    • Grid Computing
    • Cloud Computing
    • DNA Computing
    • Virtual Reality
    • Health care Informatics
    • Signal Processing for Communication
    • Image & Video Signal Processing
    • Medical Imaging
    • Image Forensic
    • Image Data Hiding and Cryptography
    • Pattern Analysis & Classification
    • Large Dimensional Signal Processing
    • Compressive Sensing
    • Statistical Signal Processing
    • Speech & Audio Processing
    • Biomedical Signal Processing
    • Optimization Techniques
    • Signal Processing for Big Data
    • Machine Learning and Optimization
    • Future-generation core and radio access networks for 5G communications
    • HetNets and Femtocells for Green Communication Networks
    • Millimetre wave and Terahertz for 5G
    • M2M, MTC, V2X, D2D, Advanced Relaying based 5G communication and networks
    • CoMP, and Cooperation
    • Optimization (including nature or bio-inspired) for 5G
    • software-defined networking, cloud computing, self-organization networks and network function virtualization for 5G Network
    • Internet of Things (IoT) for 5G and its Prospective applications
    • Cognitive radio, spectrum sharing and protocol design for 5G wireless systems
    • Interference management, awareness and energy efficiency aspects for 5G
    • Non-Orthogonal, Asynchronous Waveforms for Future Mobile Applications
    • Future modulation techniques such as filter band multi carrier (FBMC), universal filtered multicarrier (UFMC), generalized frequency division multiplexing (GFDM)
    • Distributed antennas, network coding, and advanced link/network adaptation techniques
    • Higher order Massive MIMO and multiuser communication for 5G
    • Advanced multiple access designs for 5G networks
    • Base station antenna design for 5G MIMO systems
    • Special Track
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    Important Dates: 
    • Submission Deadline:  15 January 2019 
    • Notification Of Acceptance:  20th February 2019 
    • Camera Ready Paper Submission:  20th February - 25th February 2019 
    • Author Registration:  Before 28th February 2019
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