DST-SERB School on Advanced Functional Materials at Nano and Atomic Scale – Indian Institute of Technology Goa

Advanced Functional Materials at Nano and Atomic-Scale conducted by Indian Institute of Technology Ponda, Goa, on 10-02-2020 to 28-02-2020

College Name: Indian Institute of Technology Goa

Event Name: Advanced Functional Materials at Nano and Atomic Scale

Event Date: 10-02-2020 to 28-02-2020

Organized by: DST-SERB School

Event Description: The emerging technologies are advancing our society, economy, science, and technology in many ways. These technologies bank upon the discovery, synthesis/fabrication of advanced materials, their thorough characterization to understand their properties and potential for applications. There are numerous classes or groups of such advanced functional materials. However, within the scope of this school, we would like to focus on 2D materials, oxide semiconductors, perovskites, and organic semiconductors, which are in prominence during the last decade or so. We will limit the discussion to the above materials at the nano and atomic scale when the properties change dramatically enabling a variety of potential applications. This school will bring Ph.D. scholars (3rd year onward), post-doctoral fellows, early-career faculty members, and expert researchers from all over the country on a single platform, which will help to further enhance the quality of the research activities and the future technologies emanating from our country.

Course Contents:

 Overview of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
 Introduction to 2D Materials
 Processing of 0D – 2D Materials
 Organic Semiconductors
 Oxide Semiconductors
 Perovskites for Energy Applications
 Characterization Techniques
 Exotic Properties of 0D – 3D Materials
 Applications of Nanomaterials
 Computational Techniques

Important Dates:

Last Date of Application: 20-11-2019
Acceptance Notification: 30-11-2019
Confirmation by participants: 15-12-2019

Registration Details: Click Here
Contact Details: 
Phone: 0832-2490 855
Mobile: (DB) 9769082010/ (SK) 9543711220
Email: serb_afm_nano@iitgoa.ac.in

Indian Institute of Technology Goa
At GEC Campus, Farmagudi,
Ponda – 403401, Goa

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College Website: https://www.iitgoa.ac.in/

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