International Management Conference (IMC) on Changing Paradigm of Emerging Financial Markets- GLA University, Mathura

International Management Conference (IMC) on Changing Paradigm of Emerging Financial Markets Conducted by GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh on 10/ 01/2020

College Name: GLA University, Mathura

Event Name: International Management Conference (IMC) – Changing Paradigm of Emerging Financial Markets

Event Date: 10/ 01/2020

Organized by: GLA University, Mathura

Event Description:


Track 1: Global financial Market practices and Regulatory Framework

This theme addresses a series of practical aspects to the latest financial market tools, techniques, and strategies. The increased role of a financial regulator in regulating financial and securities markets, reforms in policy framework etc are the broad areas to be covered.

  • Policy and regulatory reforms in financial and capital markets
  • Global strategies and practices in changing perspectives.
  • Financial markets transformation and winning strategies.
  • Impact of global macro developments on capital markets.
  • Protectionism trends in international trend and its impact on the global economy.

Track 2: Technology and Innovation in financial Markets

The objective of the theme is to addresses post-crisis reforms and changes that have been gradually settling into place and financial institutions and other stakeholders adjusting their business models accordingly. To capture the real-world implications of these technological advances on the financial services industry and those who must supervise and use it.

  • Technological innovations in financial markets.
  • Innovative financial instruments.
  • Capital markets innovation and growth of insurance products.

Track 3: Changing role of Banks and Financial Institutions

The role of banking and financial institutions has changed significantly in expanded financial markets. The above theme is expected to cover relevant aspects focusing on;

  • Changing role of banks in expanded financial markets
  • Financial markets and the growth of shadow banking
  • Role of securitization & other innovative instruments in increased urban infrastructure
  • Increased role of Derivatives Instruments

Track 4: Investors’ perception- Marketing & HR strategies

The investors’ expectations have increased to a larger extent in view of the perceived risks and returns in various securities. Therefore, the theme covers the role of education and awareness among investors. There is also a need to change the HR and marketing strategies in the changing context and financial market developments to bring required efficiency to the financial and securities market.

  • Investors education and awareness to connect with capital markets.
  • Changing pattern of investor’s risk and return perception.
  • Role of social media in changing customer behavior.
  • Redefining business models and strategies.
  • Customer profitability and loyalty.
  • Challenges of customer relations
  • Emerging HR Issues
  • Changed marketing perception and strategies
Important Dates:
Submission of Final paper November 30, 2019
Approval of final paper December, 15, 2019
Registration Date, till December 31, 2019
Conference Date January 10-11, 2020
Registration fees:
Participants Research Scholars Academicians Industry
India & SAARC countries INR. 2,000 INR.3, 000 INR.5,000
Other Foreign countries USD 75 USD 100 USD 150
Contact Details:

GLA University, Mathura
17km Stone, NH-2,
Mathura-Delhi Road P.O. Chaumuhan,
Uttar Pradesh

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