Value Added Program on Real-Time Embedded Application Development using LabVIEW – Vellore Institute of Technology

Value Added Program on Real-Time Embedded Application Development using LabVIEW Conducted by Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamilnadu from October 2019.
College Name: Vellore Institute of Technology

Event Name: Value Added Program on Real-Time Embedded Application Development using LabVIEW

Event Date: From October 2019 (30 hours duration)

Organized by: Department of Science and Technology

Event Description: The purpose of the proposed program is to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in Model. Based Design using LabVIEW focus on Real-Time Applications. The training program the hardware and software modules interface with Sensors to acquire real-world signals, to.analyze them and present them in an intelligent manner. Today, Model-Based Design has reached mainstream acceptance and is used in thousands of applications in industries from automotive, to consumer electronics
LabVIEW is a powerful graphical development environment for signal acquisition, measurement analysis, data logging and data presentation, giving the flexibility in programming. It is an Enabling industry-leading software tool.


  • The centre is conducting need-based training programs on cutting edge technologies for students, faculties and industry participants.
  • Offering consultancy services for the industries and carrying out research works through the research grants received from funding agencies.
  • The Centre has so far conducted 358 Training programs
  • The centre has completed nearly 26 consultancy projects with many leading Automotive,
    Biomedical, Telecom and consumer electronics industries.
  • The centre has filed 24 patents (includes US patents).

Topics Covered:
Creating and distributing application
o project management preparing and building stand-alone executables/ applications
Data acquisition
o Hardware Introduction
o NI cDAQ, C series Modules
o MAX Configuration
o Data Acquisition
o Increasing Measurement quality
o Analog Input
o Scanning Multiple Analog Input
o Analog Output
o Digital Input and Output
o Signal Express
Communication Protocols
o Serial /Parallel Communication
o Transmission Control Protocol
o User Datagram Protocol
o Data Socket
Wireless Communication Interfacing
o Bluetooth
o GPS/GSM/RFID Interfacing
Embedded Module for ARM &
Arduino Microcontroller
Sensors & Signal Conditioning
Relays and Actuators
Types of Motors
DC Motor/ Stepper & Servo Motors
Drivers and Isolators
Transistor and Mosfet based Drivers
H – Bridge (Dual Direction Control)
Opto Couplers and Opto Isolators
Introduction to LabVIEW Robotics
Robotics Module Exploration
Line Follower
Collision Avoidance
Pick and Place Robot
Remote Operated Robot
Introduction to myRIO FPGA Programming
Introduction to Model-Based design
o Introduction to LabVIEW
o Programming fundamentals
o Exploring LabVIEW
o Front panel & Block diagram
Modular Programming
o Creating and using Sub VIs
o Debugging VIs
Loops and Structures
o Structural Programming
o For loop, While loop
o Case Structures
o Sequence Programming –
o Flat Sequence,
o Stacked Sequence
o Formula and Math script Node
Arrays, Graph and Clusters
o Array Types and its Functions
o Cluster and its Functions
o Multiplot Graphs and Charts
Strings, Charts and File I/O
o String and its Functions
o File input and output function
o Data logging application
o Error handling techniques
Data Management Techniques
o Multiple loop design
o Using variables
o Local, Global
o Shared Variable
o Race condition
Controlling the User Interface
o Property Node & Invoke Node
o Control Reference
o Programming Architectures

Important Dates: –

Course Fees: 

  • Rs. 4000/- (for Students)
  • Rs. 10,000/- (for Faculty and Research Scholars)
  • Rs. 15,000/- (for Industry Participants )
  • Saturday & Sunday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Course material includes program contents in soft copy.
  • Training Certificate will be issued.

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Contact Details:

Mr. R. Silambarasan
Development Engineer


Room No.: 701,
Technology Tower, 7th Floor,
Vellore Institute of Technology
Vellore, Tamilnadu – 632014 

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