Workshop on 3D Laser Scanning for Civil Engineering Applications- VIT

One day Workshop on 3D Laser Scanning for Civil Engineering Applications Conducted by Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamilnadu on 27/09/2019
College Name: Vellore Institute of Technology

Event Name:One day Workshop on 3D Laser Scanning for Civil Engineering Applications

Event Date:27/09/2019

Organized by: School of Civil Engineering

Event Description: 3D laser scanning technology or popularly called as LIDAR is a Light Detection and Ranging Technology that helps us to create an accurate 3D representation of
any given earth structure whether it is buildings, dams, roads, forest, etc. The technology consists o emitting millions of infrared light pulses every second from a laser scanner to the target and recording the time of travel. Knowing the speed of pulse and time of travel, the location of target coordinates can be found, which thus finally results in “point cloud” consisting of millions of data points with X, Y, Z coordinates. This data can then be used to prepare the 3D map of any given structure after removing the unwanted noises. The entire laser scanning can be completed in just 3 minutes of time with modern ground-based terrestrial laser scanning systems having an accuracy of 6 mm. The major advantage of modern scanners is that it provides actual photographs of the target objects also (natural features or man-made structures) in addition to the point clouds, which thus makes registration of multiple scans much easier during post-processing

  • Introduction to LIDAR technology and its applications in Civil Engineering.
  • Demonstration of laser scanner for indoor and outdoor scanning of buildings.
  • Demonstration of importing of collected scan data to post-processing software for
    automatic/manual registration of scans and final 3D map preparation.
Important Dates:
  • The number of participants is strictly limited to 50 based on first come first serve
Registration Fee: 
  • Rs.900/- (Students and Research Scholars from VIT)
  • Rs.1200/- (Students and Research Scholars from outside)
  • Rs.1500/- (Faculty members)
  • Rs.1800/- (Govt./Non-Govt. officials)
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Contact Details:
Dr. S.Vasantha Kumar, Ph.D (IIT Madras)
Associate Professor and Survey Lab in-charge
School of Civil Engineering,
VIT Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India.
Ph: 0416 – 220 2927 (Office Landline)
Mobile : 9444050435

Video Conference Hall (3rd floor),
Periyar EVR Central Library
Vellore Institute of Technology

Tamilnadu – 632014

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